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Exceptional Advocacy Wins Cases—That Will Never Change
Certain aspects of winning cases will never change. There’s no substitute for exceptional advocacy: clear and powerful legal briefs, incisive oral arguments, knockout depositions, persuasive witness examinations, and an unrelenting commitment to winning. Sergenian Ashby LLP was founded on the principle that obtaining the winning edge requires each of these elements to be built into the case strategy from the moment a client retains us until the jury foreperson reads the verdict. That requires planning, strategy, and the tenacity to make the strategy a reality. Our attorneys are fully committed to our clients’ cases and to focusing exclusively on what ultimately matters in each case—command of the facts, theories, and law of each case; planning all the way to the end; and relentless execution.

Exceptional Advocacy with Value That Exceeds the Fees
Paramount to our clients’ needs are finding trial attorneys who will win, but increasingly, clients are looking for winning trial attorneys whose attorney’s fees don’t undermine the value of winning a case. Most law firms have responded to client concerns about the rising costs of litigation with “discounted rates” and claims about efficiency, without changing the law firm business model that pursues increased profitability through higher and higher rates and more billable hours. Exceptional advocacy combined with reasonable, proportionate fees is not an unattainable illusion, but it requires a re-imagining of the traditional law firm business model.
Because Sergenian Ashby LLP is built on a different business and operational model, we not only welcome alternative fee arrangements; we prefer them. We believe our clients are best served by using our proprietary fixed-fee arrangement. (If clients insist, we are happy to charge by the hour, of course.) Our proprietary fixed-fee arrangements provide clients greater predictability with respect to costs of litigation, while aligning the interests of law firm and client in achieving victory. Sergenian Ashby LLP is able to provide these arrangements through an innovative combination of novel organizational and workflow techniques, low overhead, greater utilization of time-saving technology, and a fresh approach to planning and execution of everything from interrogatories to closing arguments. The end result: instead of focusing on billable hours; we focus on winning and achieving our clients’ business goals.

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