Class Action Defense

Class actions present companies with challenges beyond what they confront in other litigation, ranging from the public relations issues that can accompany class actions to the potential for class scale liability. Our attorneys understand how to craft a strategy to defend against a putative class action that not only recognizes those challenges, but also integrates how our clients need to respond to them from a business perspective. Crafting and implementing an effective strategy requires an understanding of the unique procedural and litigation dynamics that class actions present and how to maximize them for our clients’ benefit.

Our attorneys understand the unique procedural and litigation dynamics of class actions because they have broad based experience defending against class actions asserting a multitude of claims, including false advertising, product defects, wage and hour violations, and consumer protection law violations. This experience extends to a variety of industries, including retailers, automakers, and consumer electronics manufacturers. This broad array of experience provides our attorneys with the depth of experience to handle the unique procedural and litigation dynamics of class actions in a manner that focuses on our clients’ objectives.